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The latest news, statements and responses from the Institute of Physics.

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IOP comment on Balance and Effectiveness of Research and Innovation Spending report

12 September 2019
The IOP welcomes the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee’s report on the balance and effectiveness of research and innovation spending and echoes many of its recommendations.

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UK and EU flags

Physics following a ‘no deal’ Brexit

10 September 2019
Will a ‘no deal’ Brexit affect the UK physics community and what steps are being taken by the UK Government and the EU to mitigate negative consequences?

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Institute of Physics response to the 2019 Spending Round

4 September 2019
Professor Paul Hardaker, CEO of the Institute of Physics, comments on the 2019 Spending Round.

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IOP new IOP Honorary Fellows 2019

IOP welcomes four new Honorary Fellows

29 August 2019
Professor Jim Al-Khalili, Dame Sue Ion, Professor Ian Munro and Professor Donna Strickland join the list of esteemed physicists to have received the highest honour that the Institute of Physics can bestow.

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Image of a passport and visa

Institute of Physics response to the proposed fast-track visa route

9 August 2019
Professor Paul Hardaker, Chief Executive Officer of the IOP, has responded to the Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday of a proposed restructuring of immigration rules.

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IOP Unlocking the Future

The Institute of Physics announces ambitious new strategy and £10 million challenge fund

17 July 2019
The Institute of Physics (IOP) has announced an ambitious new strategy to transform the physics landscape for the UK and Ireland, and ensure a thriving physics eco-system that will contribute to innovation, discovery, research, growth and debate in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

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Rod Dowler, Chairman of the Industry Forum; Peter Dowd MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury; James McKenzie, IOP Vice-President for Business

IOP hosts science and technology investment roundtable

27 June 2019
The IOP and Industry Forum recently co-hosted a roundtable with Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Peter Dowd MP, to discuss Labour’s plans for investment in science and technology.

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Image of joint statement to next Prime Minister

Call for the next Prime Minister to back R&D

27 June 2019
In an unprecedented joint statement, a coalition representing some of the UK’s leading businesses, minds, universities and charities, including the Institute of Physics, is calling on the next Prime Minister to put research and innovation at the heart of their plan for UK prosperity, post-Brexit. 

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Report cover showing rainbow coloured squares on a wall with chairs and table in front

Scientists must create culture of tolerance to improve LGBT+ retention

26 June 2019
Along with our counterparts at the Royal Society of Chemistry and Royal Astronomical Society, the IOP recently reached out to the LGBT+ community working in science to ask about the working culture from their perspective. The results are published today.

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Robin James receiving his Primary Science Teacher Award from IOP’s Scottish Education Manager, Stuart Farmer

IOP at the Primary Science Teacher Awards

24 June 2019
The Institute of Physics was proud to endorse two awards as part of the 2018 Primary Science Teacher Awards, which were presented at the Celebration Dinner at Dynamic Earth as part of the Primary Science Education Conference (PSEC 2019).

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Government invests £153 million in UK’s quantum technologies

14 June 2019
Government has today announced it will invest £153 million into the National Quantum Technologies Programme. Institute of Physics CEO, Professor Paul Hardaker, said: “This funding sends a very positive message about the UK’s commitment to the quantum programme and the many benefits which will come from this."

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IOP members who received 2019 Queen's birthday honours

IOP members receive Queen’s birthday honours

14 June 2019
Seven Institute of Physics members have been recognised in this year’s Queen’s birthday honours list. 

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Physics technician using equipment

IOP celebrates launch of Technician Commitment action plan

13 June 2019
Today the IOP celebrates becoming the first official supporter of the Technician Commitment outside of the higher education sector coupled with the launch of its Technician Commitment action plan.

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IOP Head of Education Charles Tracy and others at Science and the Assembly

IOP at Science and the Assembly 2019

7 June 2019
This week’s Science and the Assembly event in Cardiff once again brought together scientists, politicians and science educators from schools colleges and HEIs, to share experiences, good practice and recommendations for teaching and curriculum development. 

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Image of a barometer and ruler

Explore measurement with the IOP

14 May 2019
When we measure something, it is in units like metres, kilograms or seconds and these units are fixed. At least they are since a 2018 vote to define the last remaining unstable units – the kilogram, kelvin, ampere and mole – by fundamental constants of nature.

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Black background, outline of woman's head in light blue with light blue swirls where the brain would be.

Physics and world intellectual property day

26 April 2019
26 April is world intellectual property day. But what does intellectual property have to do with physics?

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Interior of IOP Accelerator Centre

IOP Accelerator workspace now open for business

26 April 2019
IOP Accelerator offers 1,000 square feet of co-working and private office space in our brand new building in the heart of King’s Cross and London’s Knowledge Quarter.

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Image of black hole

Astronomers capture first images of a black hole

11 April 2019
On April 10 2019, astronomers working on the Event Horizon Telescope released the first-ever image of a black hole.

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Professor Michael Coey receiving Max Born Medal

Max Born Medal and Prize for 2019 goes to Professor Michael Coey

3 April 2019
Emeritus Professor Michael Coey has been awarded the 2019 Max Born Medal and Prize. 

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Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell

IOP and Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell launch new fund to encourage greater diversity in physics

19 March 2019
The IOP and leading physicist Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell have launched a new PhD scholarship fund to encourage greater diversity in physics.

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Presenter at the Business Innovation and Growth conference

Open for business

11 March 2019
Members of the UK industrial physics community gathered at the IOP’s London headquarters on Tuesday, 26 February for the inaugural Business Innovation and Growth Conference. 

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DfE funding extended for the IOP physics-teaching improvement programme

11 March 2019
We are pleased to announce that funding from the Department for Education will continue for 2019/20 for the IOP’s Stimulating Physics Network (SPN) physics-teaching improvement programme.

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In support of Open Science: IOP responds to the ongoing debate over Science Europe’s Plan S

15 February 2019
Plan S, an initiative that aims rapidly to accelerate the transition to open access scientific publishing, was launched by Science Europe in September 2018.  

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Girlguiding physicist badge

Introducing the “I am a physicist” challenge

15 February 2019
We’ve teamed up with Girlguiding Nottinghamshire to launch a new “I am a physicist” challenge and badge for would-be physicists.

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