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IOP responds to the Government’s new Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy and the Early Career Framework Strategy

The Institute of Physics applauds new government teacher strategy for England as ‘well-evidenced and boldly innovative’ but calls for a commitment to long-term funding.

The IOP welcomes this important and forward-looking strategy (published today, 28 January 2019) that aims to improve the retention of early-career teachers. We welcome both the importance that the Government has attached to the issue and the care that they have taken in developing the strategy, and we applaud the strategy’s commitment to adapting and maintaining the effective bursary and scholarships programme already in place. 

It is however vital that there is a long-term funding commitment from government and in the future to ensure the early promise of this strategy is met. We look forward to working with DfE on the shape of the proposals as they are rolled out. 

The IOP’s Head of Education Charles Tracy comments:
‘This strategy is well evidenced and boldly innovative. It should provide early career teachers with more time and fewer distractions to focus their effort on what is important: becoming great at teaching their subject. After all, that is why they chose to enter teaching in the first place. The Early Career Framework is both innovative and purposeful and will help teachers to use their time in the best way possible.

The strategy acknowledges that teaching is essential for a positive future for our young people and for the economy. What is essential now is that there is continued investment in the development and support of both early career and established teachers.’