Introducing the new beta version

Welcome to the beta.

This is our public testing space – where we’ll be unveiling new features and asking for your feedback as we work towards a complete redesign of our website.

Our aim is to create a simple, user friendly experience on We want to bring all our content together in one place and give our members the ability to control exactly what content they see. This beta is the first step on that journey.

Initially, only a small proportion of our content and services will be available here - just enough to help you understand the direction we want to travel in. New functionality and resources will be added regularly over the coming weeks and months by our team, until we are confident it is ready to replace the current 

Gathering your feedback

Critical to this process are the views of our members. This is why we’re unveiling the beta at the earliest possible stage - to gather and incorporate your feedback from day one.

You can tell us what you think and send suggestions through our beta survey. You’ll be able to do this from launch, right up until the completion of the project. We won’t be able to respond individually, but all feedback will go direct to the project team for consideration. Your input is vital to ensuring we deliver the that you need.


So what’s changing? As you can see, we’re introducing a completely new look and feel to the site but, more importantly, it is about changing the underlying logic of the site and how content is delivered to you. It’s about putting you in control of what you see, and bringing all our services into one, convenient location.

The driving force behind this is IOP Connect - the heart of our new site. This replaces MyIOP and it is where you can personalise your experience, tailoring your preferences to see only the most relevant news, reports, publications and events.

Our vision is for to be a hub for all things physics. For the first time, IOP Connect will bring together the best of everything we do, all in one place. You’ll find the internationally renowned journalism of Physics World sitting alongside our ever-growing programme of events, our publications, news, think pieces and updates from our groups and branches.

Over time, further options for personalisation will be added, with all our services and subsidiaries eventually feeding into IOP Connect, making it an evolving, ever more powerful tool.

Service interruptions

While we make this happen, our old website will remain online, so that you can still access the vast majority of our content. Section by section, the best of that content will be moved to the new site. Only once that process is complete will we shut the old site down.

As the infrastructure that underpins our digital services is updated, some features on the old site will be decommissioned before they’re up and running on the new site. Please bear with us while we do this - we are working very hard to minimise disruption.

A leap forward

It is a time of great change for the Institute. Once complete, we believe this redevelopment will represent a significant improvement to everything we do digitally - and it coincides with the move to our cutting-edge new building in King’s Cross.

Please take a moment to explore the Beta site. We hope you enjoy watching it evolve over the coming months, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.