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Policy and funding

Institute of Physics welcomes appointment of Chris Skidmore MP as Minister for Universities, Science, Research & Innovation

Professor Paul Hardaker said :

"The Minister takes office at a critical juncture for UK science and innovation. The defining strength of UK science is its high quality, which is built on its openness to new ideas, innovations and people. The UK's involvement in EU science and innovation programmes, and the ability of scientists, researchers and technicians to move freely between countries, has enabled these strengths and made the UK a world-leading science nation.

"As Parliament debates the UK's withdrawal from the EU, we look to the new Minister to ensure that a 'no-deal' exit, that would be catastrophic for UK science, is avoided, and that UK science and innovation is able to continue to thrive and drive economic growth and prosperity in all parts of the UK.

"Beyond this, in the Minister's inbox are the huge challenges of developing a future relationship with EU science and innovation programmes, ensuring that our research and innovation base has the funding it needs to deliver on its exceptional potential, and the development of a new immigration system that enables UK research centres and businesses to hire the scientists and technicians they need, no matter where they come from.

"We look forward to working with the Minister to ensure that UK science and innovation continues to deliver significant economic and societal benefits to the UK."

New minister for universities and science Chris Skidmore announced 5 December 2018

New universities and science minister Chris Skidmore.