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Honorary fellows: Professor Freeman Dyson

Born in Berkshire, educated at Winchester College and at Trinity College, Cambridge. Freeman Dyson worked as a statistician at Headquarters, RAF Bomber Command, 1943-1945 and graduated from Cambridge with a BA in mathematics in 1945.

Dyson is most well known for his work in Quantum Electrodynamics, in which he showed the equivalence of Feynman's formulation, based on a diagrammatic representation of the path integral formalism, and the operator method employed by Schwinger, and more transparently by Tomonaga. This work was followed by a proof of the renormalisability of QED, and among the byproducts of Dyson's contribution to field theory are the Dyson series, the Dyson-Schwinger equations and the definition of the time-ordering product operator.

Dyson has also worked extensively on the environmental problems caused by human activity and more generally on climate studies and biotechnology. His speculation, in the paper Time without end: physics and biology in an open universe, that an intelligent being would be able to think an infinite number of thoughts in an open universe, seems to encapsulate his optimism and open-mindedness.