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Help influence the UK’s new immigration system

The government is currently working to design a new immigration system for the UK which will come into force in the coming years. 

We want members to share their views to help us shape the new system.

On leaving the European Union, free movement will end and a new immigration system will be necessary.  

The IOP has been clear that this immigration system must be simple, open and welcoming to ensure the UK’s physics and scientific communities can continue to be world leaders.  

Government proposals

The government’s immigration white paper sets out a number of proposals, like a proposed £30,000 salary threshold, which migrant workers would have to meet, and the ambition to implement a points-based system.  

Call for evidence

The Migration Advisory Committee has issued a call for evidence on salary thresholds and the points-based system. The IOP will be responding to this call for evidence and has designed a member survey to help inform our response. 
This issue is hugely important to the physics community and it is essential the voice of physicists is heard by the government so that we are able to highlight the impact the reforms might have on the future success of physics. 

Our member survey

We would be grateful if you could complete our IOP members’ survey to help the IOP generate an up-to-date evidence base which we can then use to engage government on this important issue. 

It should take no longer than a few minutes to complete. All responses are completely anonymous and no identifying information will be shared with the government or any other parties. 

Complete our survey to have your say.

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