Do Try This at Home: More to explore

Finished our Do Try This at Home physics activities for kids? Fear not! We're releasing new videos regularly, so keep checking back for more. In the meantime, here are some other science resources for you to explore with your children.

A series of learning materials for secondary school aged children:


Royal Society

Resources for primary, secondary and beyond: 


Royal Institute

A library of films aimed at younger children:


Lightyear Foundation

A collection of online workshops that aim to break down the barriers to disabled children taking part in STEMM:


Scottish Sensory Centre

British Sign Language videos for a range of terms, covering Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and more:



Activities for children aged seven and upwards:



Home learning resources encompassing science and more:


Interesting Engineering

Seven DIY physics experiments from this US-based organisation:


Science Buddies 

An archive of home science activities:


Everyday Science 

YouTube playlist featuring seven experiments:


Elemental Science 

A large selection of science activities, including some videos: