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City Hall announces IOP-led Gender Action schools award

The Institute of Physics’ work in education and gender equality entered an exciting new stage, as funding from the Mayor of London for a roll-out of the Gender Action schools award in the capital, was announced at City Hall recently.

The awards will turn a decade's worth of research into tangible support for London schools to put gender equality at the heart of policy and practice. Led by the IOP, King's College London, UCL Institute of Education, and the University Council of Modern Languages - Gender Action will promote and support a whole-school approach to removing barriers.

The funding and support from the Mayor was announced at the Equal Play event in October, which united figures from industry, policy and education to pledge action on tackling the effects of gender stereotyping. The event drew a clear line from our very earliest interactions through our education, pivotal moments of choice and into our careers.

Gender Action is an awards programme for schools which is fully grounded in evidence and research. There will be a full London launch in early 2019 where a digital platform will allow schools to upload rich evidence for assessment - so schools can progress through tiers from Supporter, Innovator, Champion to Beacon. It aims to make lasting cultural change by recognising those striving to ensure there are no limits on young people reaching their full potential. A national roll-out is planned for 2020.

Speaking about Gender Action, IOP President Professor Dame Julia Higgins said:

"The Gender Action schools award builds on our continuing work with teachers and is a positive and unique way for schools to address the impacts of gender stereotyping - and to be recognised for their achievements.

“There is no evidence to suggest any intrinsic differences in ability or interest to explain why girls and boys choose subjects differently. We know that schools can create the right environment for young people to make choices free from gendered expectations and, working with this great group of partners and the GLA, we can turn our decades of evidence into something  tangible and supportive for young people.”

Find out more at genderaction.co.uk

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