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Views and comment from IOP staff, physicists and policy shapers.

Report cover showing rainbow coloured squares on a wall with chairs and table in front

Working together to improve the workplace for LGBT+ scientists

26 June 2019
Jennifer Dyer, Head of Diversity at IOP, shares her thoughts on the culture for LGBT+ workers in physics and how we can work together to improve LGBT+ retention.

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Interior of IOP Accelerator Centre

IOP’s Accelerator Centre open for business

24 April 2019 
IOP Head of Science and Innovation, Anne Crean, on the contribution physics makes to the UK economy and and our workspace supporting entrepreneurs to bring physics-based innovation to market. 

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Stylistic image of globe

IOP supporting international cooperation

12 March 2019
Rachel Youngman, IOP's Chief Operating Officer, explains why international collaboration and free movement are essential and how we bring scientists together across borders to develop skills, technologies and opportunities.

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Pictures of different women physicists from all backgrounds

International Women’s Day words of wisdom for girls and women thinking of a physics career

11 March 2019
Whether you’re still at school thinking you’d like to be a physicist or returning to work after some time away, our followers on Twitter have some advice you may like to put in a folder marked ‘inspiration’ and dip into on days you could use some words of wisdom.

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