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The 2020 IOP Awards: celebrating outstanding achievement in physics

The IOP Awards are moving

Summer 2020

The IOP Awards celebrate outstanding achievements in physics and by physicists across the UK and Ireland, including researchers, technicians, apprentices, business innovators and teachers.

In 2020, the IOP Awards are moving to a new location and will have a new date – we’ll see you in summer 2020 for the physics event of the year!

Nominations are open until 13 January 2020.

Award categories

Our focus has always been on ensuring our award categories are broad and flexible enough to reward outstanding achievement across all areas. 

We have awards in the following areas:

In 2019, we introduced a new technician’s award and in 2020, we are introducing two new award categories to recognise the contribution of apprentices and employers of apprentices.

It is important that we encourage and celebrate the physics community in all its diversity, because finding solutions to urgent global challenges depends on our community continuing to grow, thrive and become more diverse.

The list of previous winners includes many of the UK and Ireland’s most prominent and influential physicists, and we look forward to recognising more individuals and teams who will continue to shape our future.

Our awards and medals for 2020 are: