Our awards build and reinforce a sense of community by recognising and rewarding excellence in individuals and teams and their contribution to physics.

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Image of President's Medal

President's Medal

Made on the recommendation of our president, this medal is for both physicists and non-physicists who have contributed to physics in general and the Institute in particular. 

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Image of Isaac Newton Medal

Isaac Newton Medal and Prize

The Isaac Newton Medal and Prize is for world-leading contributions to physics by an individual of any nationality.

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Image of Max Born medal

International Bilateral Awards

Our international bilateral awards are made jointly with physical societies in Germany, France, Italy and Australia.

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Image of Paul Dirac Medal

Gold Medals

Our six Gold Medals recognise outstanding and sustained contributions by physicists of international renown to a wide range of physics.

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Image of Rosalind Franklin Medal

Silver Subject Medals

Our Silver Subject Medals are awarded annually to recognise and reward distinguished contributions to physics.

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Image of Jocelyn Bell Burnell Medal

Bronze Early Career Medals

Our Bronze Early Career medals are for exceptional physicists in the early stages of their careers.

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